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1 S$ 55

Shiatsu Massage
( 60 mins )

It's a Shiatsu Massage technique from Japan. The Masseuse’s hands and feet press and
massage your Body. This Massage will revitalize you and increase your energy level.


S$ 55

Sports Massage
( 60 mins )

Sport Massage is great for active people and those who love sports. This Massage relaxes your muscles and also stimulates them, easing stiff joints and muscles. This massage technique will also raise your spirits and you will fell it’s effect almost instantly.


S$ 55

Indonesian Massage
( 60 mins ) 

Indonesian massage is a relaxation massage which combines the Methods shiatsu, sport Massage and Swedish massage. This massage stimulates blood circulation and the relaxation of your body.


S$68 Insomnia Aromatherapy Massage
(60 mins)

Insomnia Aroma therapy consists of the aromatic oils of Marjoram, Canaga, and Bergamot, which is specially blended to help you sleep well. In our 60 minutes therapy, you will be able to overcome your sleep difficulty.



De-stressing Aromatherapy Massage
(60 mins)

De – Stressing Aromatherapy consist of the aromatic oil of Basil, Bargamot and Sandalwood, which will help you to overcome your stress.



Jet - Lag Aromatherapy Massage
(60 mins)

Jet – Lag Aromatherapy massage will help you overcome this. Rosewood and sandalwood  aromatic oil will help you to overcome the jet lag.



Romance & Sensual Aromatherapy Massage( 60 mins )

Romance & Sensual Aromatherapy massage uses Roses and Ylang Ylang aromatic oil to tingle your senses and arouse your nerve.



Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage
( 60 mins )

Relaxing Aromatherapy massage uses Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang aromatic oils that will relax your body and make you feel refreshed at the end of the session.



Stone Aromatic Massage
( 60 mins )

Stone aromatic massage is an old fashioned medical technique to overcome Rheumatics, Fatigue, Weariness, Constipation, etc. Especially for muscle relaxation and to accelerate blood circulation.



Ice Stone Massage (Hot & Cold Massage)
( 90 mins ) 

Hot and cold massage is a massage technique to overcome: stress, depression, frigidity, impotency, constipation,etc.This treatment is useful to accelerate blood circulation, metabolism, muscle relaxation and to tighten the skin.



Kinasih Treatment
( 75 minutes)

Our Kinasih Treatment is a special treatment to increase your, vitality, virility and refresh your body. This treatment combines methods from China, Indonesia, Japan and Sweden. All the products used in this treatment are pure Indonesian ingredients.



Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage
( 30 mins )

Head, Neck & Shoulder Therapy is used to stimulate your muscles on your head, shoulder and neck. After this treatment you will feel refreshed and light, as if burden has literally been taken off your shoulders.



Javanese Body Scrub
(60 mins)

Javanese Body Scrub uses the famous Indonesian traditional herbs and Indonesian plant extract (Jamu). This treatment will smoothen and renew your skin, lift up and remove the dead skin cell, and leave your skin clean, smooth and fresh.



Boreh Puteri Ayu
(60 mins)

Javanesse Royal family is well known of their amazing body treatment.Boreh is one of the javanesse best body treatment by scrubs.This treatment is useful for beauty and skin care, and is created according to traditional formula which made from flowers and natural ingredients.Regular treatment will make your skin looks young, fresh, soft and clean.



Bust Treatment & Massage
(45 mins)

Our Bust Treatment & Massage uses Indonesian spices and herb that will rejuvenate and firm up your bust.
**This treatment is for ladies only**



Rattus Puteri Ayu Treatment
(30 mins)

Rattus is made from condiment and luber to produce a pleasant smelling aroma. It is normally used by ladies of Javanese royal family to enhance the fragrance of body and clothes. Legend has it that Rattus can be used to increase the allurement of ladies.



Javanese Face Treatment & Face Massage
(45 mins)

Javanese Treatment is a face treatment that uses Indonesian traditional herbs and plant extracts and very suitable for our tropical climate. It will leave your skin and face feeling refreshed and cool.



Gehwol Foot Treatment
(45 mins)

Remember : your feet take you everywhere. To spoil your feet is also to spoil yourself. Gehwol is a reliable product to treat your feet and the problems of your feet, such as : feet cracks, skin fungus, warts, dried feet, and sweaty feet, painful nail growth and also crumbly nail. Gehwol is the symbol of “Modern Pathology“  This German Product will revitalize your feet and make your next walk a pleasure.



Foot Reflexology
(60 mins)

Foot Reflexology is a popular Chinese massage, which focuses on the pressure points in the feet that are connected to other parts of your body to leave your feet feeling fresh and revitalized.



Kendedes Treatment
(180 mins)

Our Kendedes Treatment is based on trying to achieve the beauty of the mother of a well – known Javanese Queen, who was famous for her beauty. This treatment will make you feel more beautiful and your body refreshed. The product that are used in this treatment are formulated from special traditional Indonesian herb and spices. This treatment covers the whole body, from head to toe.
The Treatment Included : Body Scrub, Body Massage, Bust Treatment, Face Massage, Bath and Drink



Prince & Princess Treatment
(180 mins)

Prince & Princess Treatment is done with a combination of German , French and Indonesian products, which consist of natural herb and minerals to smoothen and rejuvenate your skin, lift up and remove the dead skin cells, stretch your skin. Our experienced therapist will serve you like a Prince and Princess.
The Treatment Included: Body Scrub, Body Massage, Face Treatment, Aromatic Bath and Drink



5th Dimension Male Treatment
(150 mins)

5th Dimension  Male Treatment is a special treatment for men. This 2,5 hours treatment, after a few sessions can help to overcome some male problems, such as low virility and vitality. The product used are oil made of Rose, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli. Combined with Shiatsu, your vitality will definitely increase.
The Treatment Included : Body Scrub, Kinasih Treatment, Romance Aroma Therapy Massage and Bath



5th Dimension Female Treatment
(150 mins)

5th Dimension  Female Treatment is a special treatment for women to raise her virility and drive. This 2,5 hours treatment will really revitalize and refresh you and your body. The product used in this treatment are traditional Indonesian oil, herbs and plant extracts.



Krisbudi Therapy Treatment
(180 mins)

Krisbudi Therapy Treatment will raise your spirits and release you from stress. Your vitality will be raised and you will only find this therapy method in this spa. The feeling of our therapist’s touches will stay with you even after this treatment.
The Treatment Included : Foot Reflexology, Sport / Shiatsu Massage, Ice Stone Massage ( Hot & Cold ), Head neck & Shoulder Massage and Bath Salt



Javanese Royal Treatment
(180 mins)

Well known for Javanesse royal couple who want to get married before.This treatment is a combination of few Javanese body treatment, useful for beauty, rejuvenated and skin care. The natural ingredients formula will make your skin looks young, fresh, soft, and clean.
Ladies: Boreh Body Treatment, Javanese Body Massage, Face Massage, Rottus Puteri Ayu, Tropical Bath and Drink.
Gentlemen: Boreh Body Treatment, Javanese Body Massage, Kinasih Treatment, Foot Reflexology, Tropical Bath and Drink.



Muttyasa Treatment
(180 mins)

Luxurious treatment begin with an Indonesia massage to creates a feeling of well being and new energy which flows into exfoliation scrub using milk, amylum pachymizuz erosus urban, amylum tritici, amylum oryza sativa, oleum olivarum, oleum jasminum sambe aquadest, rub down to lift up and remove the dead skin cell, this treatment will make your skin look fresh, soft and clean.
The Treatment Included: Traditional Massage, Milk Scrub, Steam or Sauna, Milk Mask, Milk Bath and Drink.



Lulur Wangi Treatment
(180 mins)

Traditional fragnant scrub originating from The royal palace of java, a blend of powdered spice Including turmeric, flower, and sandalwood, is rubbed on to the body, after the vibrantly coloured paste dries, his removed with a gentle massage. In java The lulur is often used to clean and pamper the bride, during the week leanding up to wedding. The Treatment Included:
Ladies: Javanese Lulur, Steam or Sauna, Javanese Massage, Javanese Face Massage, Javanese Body Mask, Herbal Bath, Rattus Putri Ayu and Drink.
Gentlemen: Javanese Lulur, Steam or Sauna, Javanese Massage, Kinasih Treatment, Javanese Face Massage, Javanese Body Mask, Herbal Bath and Drink.



Sensual Full Body Treatment
(180 mins)

This Sensual Full Body Treatment acts as natural aphrodisiac, specially made from rice extract and blended with Rose, Jasmine, Cananga and Sandalwood essential oil which has been used for centuries. It will also help you to release nervous tension and refreshed your spirit.



Full Body Whitening Treatment
(180 mins)

The Full Body Whitening Treatment is done with rice extract, natural Lemon oil and Camphor essential oils to lift and remove your damage skin cell. Regular treatment of this would help your skin to rejuvenate and make it fresher and whiter.
The Treatment Included : Body Scrub, Body massage, Body Mask, Body Wash, Body Lotion and Drink.



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