Japan [ Free and Easy - Japan Made Easy]

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Japan - Island of the rising sun. Japan is a tourist friendly destination that offers wonders and varieties to many.
Let us share with you some tips and services at a glance to make your Japan planning an ease.

Flight to Japan
  • Numerous airlines fly directly to Japan from Singapore. There are numerous airport to get to. To plan your route.
  • Tokyo - 2 airports - Narita and Hanada
  • Sapporo - Getting there is a bit more challenging as there is no direct flight
    Fly to Hanada or Osaka and get the connecting flight via
  • Tips: Enjoy savings if you plan your route before booking your flight.
    One saving if you visit Tokyo and Osaka is to fly into Osaka and departs from Tokyo.
    That will save you some domestic rail cost.

  • Singapore enjoy visa-free entry to Japan for 3months.
  • Malaysia / Indonesia / Thailand / Mynamar / India passport requires visa to Japan.
  • For other nationality, do check out our visa page if you require.
  • We offer hassle-free door-to-door Japan visa application service.
  • Check-out the documents required
  • Check out our Japan Visa Application.
Airport Transfer
Rail Pass
  • Rails connect Japan extensively.
  • There are many rail passes that covers different cities in Japan
  • Tip : Getting around in Japan Rail is not as scary as many things.
    Though they are in Japanese, they are very systematic and if you can read Chinese, they will make sense to you.
  • Check out which Rail Pass suits your trip
  • You will be spoit for choices.
  • We cannot list all, but we do have some favorites, depending on your location, budget and likes.
  • Check out our Hotel Suggestions
  • Free and easy is a fun way to see and explore the country extensively.
  • Do some homework and that will make your trip fun and enjoyable.
  • However, Free and easy may not be the cheapest travelling
  • Some recommended website to gear-start your planning: